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Mental stamina post 2020: Work smarter, not harder as you transition back to a typical schedule!

Oh my goodness...How awesome is it that we are finally getting back to a more “typical” schedule and lifestyle after the crazy rollercoaster of 2020? Events are slowly starting to happen again, and the normal hustle and bustle of life is definitely upon us, but - are you ready for it?

People often say to me...I don’t know how you do it all Melissa! (Honestly sometimes, I don’t know either) - but I have learned some tips to help me manage my time and prioritize so that I don’t get overwhelmed, but instead enjoy the opportunities and fast pace that certain seasons bring with it. Let’s call it, a fitness plan for your brain, to help you build up that mental stamina, that might have gotten a bit “sluggish” during the downtime associated with quarantine:

🌟Make a plan - prioritize what’s most important, make a daily to do list based on those goals to help keep you on track

🌟Surround yourself with goal-getters...people who are in alignment with your purposes and happy to support you on your way (we’ve got no time for drama mamas or negative Nancy’s 😉👍)

🌟Take care of YOU! When you are healthy and feel good - you are ready to handle challenges...Hydrate, get daily exercise and enough sleep👍

🌟Educate yourself - personal development is huge; with technology at our fingertips, you can research just about anything. Empower yourself with knowledge so that you feel informed about any decision you need to make.💡

🌟Get organized - nothing is worse than not being prepared and/or procrastinating and getting behind. It’s a recipe for burnout!

🌟Keep a positive Mindset - know that you can handle anything that comes your way. Affirmations, prayer, and meditation helps tremendously- remember why you started, what you want to accomplish and have faith that God is beside you 💯 and you are never alone in your journey. 💫

I know it’s a lot! These are always on my mind in rotation - if I feel out of balance, down, or overwhelmed I go to these six areas and sink in to whatever is missing or needs tweaked and I find my cup is full and I’m ready to crush some goals here in 2021. 👊💥👍

If you’ve found some ways to combat the leftover 2020 brain fog...I’d love to hear! What helps you work smarter, not harder in 2021 so you can tackle the mental marathon ahead, focused and prepared?👇

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