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Feeling sluggish in the New Year? My TOP 10 ways to ditch the January blues💙

Here we are, 22 days into the new year/new decade - WOOOHOOO, right?!


Well typically, I feel a surge of energy and optimism at the start of a new year, I'm ready to tackle new goals and conquer the world!!! So, why is this year different? I'm having a tough time concentrating, my to do list is growing, and I find myself sluggish and in a funk, ugh. I go to Google and type in..."New Years Blues" - and guess what? It's a thing y'all. You may have already known it, but to me this is new territory, and all I can say is WE DON'T have time for this (can I get an AMEN?!)

What's the first step then, to reversing the pull of negative energy and bouncing back? Be gentle with yourself. Everyone goes through tough times, and if you feel you are getting overwhelmed or in a slump, allow yourself to take some time to be still and heal. I purposefully spent quiet time reflecting and in that time I came up with a list of things that make me feel better. It's nice to have a variety of options, so that you can find something that fits your mood - to lift you up when you feel that negative energy starting to drag you down.

I wanted to share my top 10 go-tos, that help me turn that frown upside down - in case you are finding yourself in the same boat. Although it affects many people in January due to the slow down after the jolly holidays and cold gloomy weather, the blues can happen anytime of year, to ANYONE...There is NO shame in admitting it, but! No one wants to be a downer or feel down, and we need to have our own personal tools that we can turn to anytime to shake off the blues and reignite our spark. I encourage you to make your own list - this is highly individual and what works for me might not be your cup of tea and that's OK!


My TOP 10 ways to cheer myself up...Here we go!

#1) Meditate/Pray. I am a very spiritual person; being still and taking just a few moments to meditate or pray immediately helps to get me re-centered and in a more peaceful state of mind. There are a ton of apps and guided programs that can help you meditate and find peaceful intention; the one I am using now is "Morning Meditation for Daily Magic" by Jeremy Falk (Audible).

#2) Uplifting Music. What music do you listen to when you are happy? Instead of turning on that sad song when you feel down, try putting on your favorite jams to bring your energy up to that positive vibration. ( I said) LOL!

#3) Journal. Get yourself a nice little notebook and write. Doodle. Make little notes or talk about your feelings. This isn't to show anyone necessarily, but its cathartic to write out your feelings and experiences, and should you ever choose to share how you felt and what helped you overcome it - you'll have a record of the experiences to look back on. Sharing your story of overcoming challenges is very healing, and can be encouraging to others that are going through similar circumstances.

#4) Get Outside and Get Active. Go to the park, take the dog for a walk, find a happy spot in nature that you enjoy, take the kids to the beach...Fresh air is GOOD for the SOUL. Play, run, be silly - or just CHILL...Start there and then progress into an exercise regimen that's right for you. Consistent physical exercise helps burn off excess energy and anxiety, boosts your happy hormones, and helps you look and feel your best. Team sports are awesome with added bonus of socialization (I love tennis!)

#5) Self-Care. Take time to get a mani/pedi, get your hair done, go get a massage or facial. It's so easy to skip this part, but we must take time for ourselves so that we feel our best. (I know you want to stay in your messy bun and sweatpants all day mama, but do yourself a favor - just for YOU, go get dressed up and go do something - anything, even if it's to do errands or grocery shopping. Soon you'll be like..."Baby, how you doin'") #forwardmomentum


#6) Spend Time with Your Favorite Peeps. One of my favorite things to do when I am feeling down, is to cuddle with my kiddos. They are getting BIG! But, they still love to cuddle up on the couch, read a book, or watch a movie. I can't be sad around them - they make me HAPPY! Go on a special date night with your hubby or SO, or plan a girls night out. Fur babies make the best feel better companions! Take them for a walk, or spend time giving them some love...Smiles guaranteed :-). Find groups on social media or in your church or community that you connect with and that are a positive outlet - this is big too!

#7) Read Motivational/Inspirational Quotes/Books: I enjoy scrolling through IG and reading inspirational quotes, and I share them too. It's a quick and easy way to change your mindset and set intention towards positive vibes. Ask people for suggestions on their favorite inspirational books; people LOVE to give their feedback and it saves you time trying to find the right read when there are so many of them out there!

#8) Get a Fresh Planner/Make a Vision Board/Choose a WORD: Aaahhhhhh I LOVE a new planner. I stopped at my local office supply store, and enjoyed walking down the aisles of planners to find just the one for the year. It gave me the push I needed to start mapping out the year, my goals, and events that I needed to plan. A vision board is a great project - you can make them digitally or on a posterboard...a fun group project too! I chose a WORD to set my intention for this year (this is a new tradition that I started last year, and really enjoyed it). Hey, that's my next blog post...let's chat about it more then!

#9) Plan a Trip: It's hard to be down when you have a trip to look forward to! It doesn't have to be something extravagant, just a day trip or weekend getaway. Or, go visit and stay with a friend or family in another city/state. Just book it - and then go explore! This year I have the opportunity to go on a girls trip to NASHVILLE with my company and I am super psyched!

#10) Help Others/Be Thankful: Make a list of everything you have in your life to be thankful for. Gratitude brings love and joy into our hearts, and reminds us to how many things are right and good in our lives. Give of your time - helping others is the purest way to raise our spirits and gives us purpose. By using your talents and skills to volunteer with an organization that aligns with your beliefs, you are part of a ripple effect for a better world, and there is great peace in knowing that.


I hope you found these tips helpful - they are my top go-tos f

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