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Service & Community

In January 2015, my husband Ted and I started our non-profit, The Parker Foundation for Autism and Child Development to provide free resources to children and families touched by autism (families like our very own!) Out of our three fully funded programs, came our "Be a Buddy" initiative - which utilizes community based volunteers to mentor children with special needs and their siblings in a variety of social, sports and art activities. What we've found is that this model, by demonstrating kindness and inclusion through volunteerism, acts as a catalyst for uniting and inspiring people worldwide; it helps reduce stigmas, and is a wonderful platform to educate about bullying prevention and bring people of all backgrounds and abilities TOGETHER. 


I also enjoy connecting with women, helping to empower, uplift and boost confidence through working with mothers and family members through our foundation, through pageantry, and through my beauty business. Introducing - the #TogethernessTeam - Women's Edition! A social media initiative and podcast specifically designed to bring women together by inspiring, uplifting and motivating one another as we travel on our own unique, personal life journeys. Get to know us as we authentically share our own experiences, discuss inspirational stories of triumph over challenge and explore educational topics in an uplifting, open and welcome atmosphere free of drama or negativity. Our goal is to celebrate everyday women from around the world that are making a positive change in their communities, including those that have directly impacted us and our mission to help spread kindness, inclusion and acceptance of children, individuals and families touched by autism and special needs.  

For more information on each of these areas of service - click below, and thanks for stopping in!

Hugs and Love,


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